Early-Warnings for Everyone

Grillo generates real-time alerts when an earthquake is detected. Protect your family, your business or your community.



People live with threat of earthquakes globally


People die every year due to earthquakes *averaged from 2000 – 2015


Estimated economic cost of 2017 earthquakes in Mexico City


Buildings were destroyed or severely damaged after the 2017 Mexico Puebla earthquake

Earthquake Early-Warnings

Grillo has created an IoT-based earthquake early-warning system (EEW) that generates alerts quickly and accurately. EEWs provide citizens with seconds or minutes of advance warning before shaking is felt.

Grillo’s EEW has been operational in Mexico since 2017, outperforming the national system SASMEX.

Learn how it works here.


Use cases

Protect your building

Safeguard your family or business with alerts that announce shaking before it starts.

Protect your community

Deploy a dedicated network of sensors to provide alerts and data for citizen and emergency services.

Advance your research

Use our existing networks or deploy your own sensors to get high resolution seismic data.

Open source

We believe in open source as a way to accelerate social impact. Through collaboration, more communities will adopt and advance this technology.

The core components of the Grillo EEW are now available as OpenEEW.


Detection systems


“IBM is thrilled to continue working with Grillo and contribute to the new open source OpenEEW project in collaboration with The Linux Foundation”
Daniel Krook, CTO
Call for Code, IBM
“A solution like Grillo has been the dream of the engineering community”
Thomas Heaton, Geophysicist, Civil Engineer
“Grillo sensors will provide entirely new opportunities to study seismic behavior of the ancient lake basin, and a denser network for earthquake early warning in Mexico City.”
Marine Denolle, Professor of Seismology
Harvard University
"Grillo's OpenEEW Project represents the very best in technology and in open source”
Mike Dolan, Senior VP
Linux Foundation

“This earthquake alarm can predict when tremors will strike”

“A solution like Grillo has been the dream of the engineering community”

“Grillo could save thousands of lives”

“Grillo’s sensors collect microdata on effects of shaking which could better assess risk of damage”