Create Seismic Networks

Grillo Nodes generate real-time earthquake data for early-warning alerts, research and risk analysis.

Seismology as a Service

The Grillo platform allows you to visualize, store and act on earthquakes as they happen.

Earthquakes Recorded


countries Deployed


public dataset

2157+ Gb

alerts issued



Deploy a Grillo Node in your home or office and start detecting earthquakes, even small or distant events that you can’t feel.


Grillo Nodes send data to the cloud 24/7 for you to analyze and act on.


Grillo is a mission-obsessed social enterprise, created in the aftermath of the Haiti 2010 earthquake. By deploying seismic networks Grillo has been able to generate real-time earthquake alerts in Mexico and Chile.

“This earthquake alarm can predict when tremors will strike”

“A solution like Grillo has been the dream of the engineering community”

“Grillo could save thousands of lives”

“Grillo’s sensors collect microdata on effects of shaking which could better assess risk of damage”

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