Our brilliant mission requires brilliant people.

Our team is ambitious, passionate and collaborative. Grillo has PhD scientists, IoT hackers, data-obsessed engineers, and more. The mix of academia and business encourages everyone to work closely together and aim high. Working in Mexico means we all know first-hand what earthquakes can do, and this drives Grillo at lightning speed.

Grillo Team

Andy Meira

Andy created Grillo following years of living and working in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. Previously he worked for the Clinton Foundation delivering important humanitarian projects, and has also worked in India, Malawi, and the UK. Andy founded Grillo to protect his family from earthquakes when he moved to Mexico City. He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a recipient of the Gifted Citizen Award, and his projects have been widely published.

Luis Edgar
Head of Seismology

Luis Rodríguez-Abreu has a PhD from the UME Graduate School in Pavia, Italy. He has experience in seismic source characterisation, seismic modelling, early warning systems and hazard modelling, strong motion analysis. Previously he worked for the Global Earthquake Model Foundation, as well as the national Seismological Service in Mexico. Luis joined Grillo because he wanted to be part of an initiative that has an impact in the world saving lives, reducing vulnerability and increase awareness of earthquakes based on state-of-art applied science.

Michael Allman
Head of Data Analytics

Michael specializes in Big Data and machine learning, converting vast amounts of sensor data to actionable events. He is from London, England, and obtained a PhD in Mathematics from Warwick University. Michael enjoys the dynamic, interdisciplinary environment at Grillo and the opportunity to work with highly talented colleagues towards making a positive impact around the world.

Karlo Rodriguez

Hacker, Maker & Trouble Maker, democratizing Artificial Intelligence in emerging countries.
From welfare kid to serial tech entrepreneur with 2 companies sold before turning 30, Karlo believes in the power of technology as a tool to improve people’s lives- the future is already here but is not evenly distributed-that’s why karlo’s daily efforts are focused in democratizing the access to technology in developing countries.

Felipe Valdivia
Grillo Chile Manager

Felipe Valdivia Sotomayor is an engineer in Chile. He has 14 years of experience in electronic security systems, such as CCTV, theft alarms and panic alarms, fire systems, access controls, urban surveillance, and more. The last 4 years he has specialized in software integration as apps or software and IoT devices. Previously Felipe founded ‘Community Surveillance’, which is an emergency communication solution for neighbors and businesses, and also ‘MDS Security’  for municipalities, industries and retail. Felipe joined Grillo because he wanted to be part of an initiative that has an impact in the world by saving lives, reducing vulnerability and increasing awareness of earthquakes based on state-of-the-art applied science. Felipe also wants to make a difference in his home country, Chile.

Alma Gonzalez
Senior IoT Engineer

Alma Gonzalez is Mechatronics engineer from the National University of Mexico (UNAM) and alumni from the Centre for Music and Technology at the Sibelius Academy, Finland. She was a speaker at Arduino Day in México City, and likes to participate in hackathons.
Alma participates in the open-source hardware community in Mexico. She creates things, and strives to make not just functional, but also beautiful creations. Alma joined Grillo because of her shared interest, with all of Mexico, of earthquakes and how to mitigate their impact.

Enrique Barco
Head of Business Development

Enrique is leading the team’s business strategy to ensure Grillo is able to convey its important social impact to its users while delivering market rate returns towards its fiduciary stakeholders. Enrique has previously worked with Accion International, an NGO that provides people with the financial tools necessary to improve their lives. He also worked for a Global Fund Placement Agency, Eaton Partners, with the Asia Team in Shanghai, China. He has also worked for a multinational solar energy company, Sonnedix, with the business development team in Puerto Rico. Enrique has a specific interest in startups that provide impact while also generating positive returns.

Advisory Team
Gary Hattem
Social Impact

Gary Hattem is an independent adviser to non-profits/NGOs, corporations, and social enterprises with a specialization in community development, impact investing, corporate social responsibility and philanthropy.


Mr. Hattem held the position of Managing Director at Deutsche Bank and headed the Global Social Finance Group as well as its Americas Foundation until year-end 2016. In those roles, he was responsible for lending and investment activities within the U.S. and throughout the developing world that benefit disadvantaged communities.  Mr. Hattem is a recognized leader in the field of private sector investment in distressed communities having pioneered many initiatives and fund structures putting private capital to work for affordable housing, urban regeneration, health, the arts, microfinance and climate.  Over the past two decades, he has overseen nearly $3 billion in financing for projects and enterprises which benefit the poor.


Mr. Hattem maintains leadership positions in philanthropy and community development. Notably, he is trustee of Pratt Institute, chairman of the Carbon Initiative for Community Impact, founding president and director of the DB Microcredit Development Fund and a director of the Fondacion Viviane Gauthier, SpaceWorks and the Myrtle Avenue Revitalization Partnership.

Allen Husker

Allen is the Head of Seismology at UNAM university in Mexico, a world-leading research institute for seismology. Allen has been involved with Grillo since 2014 and helped design its current solutioon. Previous to Grillo, Allen had worked with the Quake Catcher Network initiative from Stanford University, deploying small seismometers to volunteers around the world for seismic analysis.

Diego Melgar
Research + Development

Diego is a professor of seismology at the University of Oregon, and also a member of the Shakealert committee for the US Pacific coast. Diego brings experience of modern EEW practices including Machine Learning.