1/3 of the World live with Earthquakes

Grillo's mission is to improve resiliency for communities most at need. Government sponsored EEWs (Earthquake Early Warning systems) are only found in 3 countries. In less than 2 years, Grillo's system has outperformed the Mexican SASMEX EEW that has been created over decades with 10s of millions USD investment.

Antonio Rosales Septiembre 17, 2018

A New AI-Powered Earthquake Early-Warning Network

Grillo's new IoT sensors and patent-pending cloud detection algorithms have resulted in a fast and accurate EEW for Mexico, Chile and soon many new locations.


    Expected earthquake intensity

    Proven for years in Mexico

    Doesn't use App notification services

    Local, regional and national protection

Commercial and Residential Properties

Grillo Pulse is the first affordable Structural Monitoring solution, allowing professional grade protection and analytics at a fraction of the cost for all property types.

Codigo, 03.05.2019
Grillo Pulse installation

A solution like Grillo has been the dream of the engineering communityTHOMAS HEATONCivil Engineer and Geophysicist, Caltech

OpenEEW, advancing research of EEW

Grillo is sharing years of valuable unprocessed sensor data that includes large magnitude earthquakes. This unique resource is available for seismologists, machine learning developers and anyone else interested in creating the most accurate and fastest detection systems in the world.

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