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High performance Seismometer

Grillo Pulse is perfect for seismic imaging, structural health monitoring, and other vibration monitoring applications. It has powered Grillo's EEW since 2017 and proven more effective than sensor networks 100x the cost.

Grillo Cloud

Your data will be stored on Grillo Cloud, and available at any time wherever you are. You can monitor sensor locations, status, latency, and much more. We can even provide you access to a full resolution real-time stream.
Powered by AWS and Grafana.

Analyse historic or streaming data

Visualize your data directly from our SQL database, or using Python with our library, If you require real-time data we can setup a streaming service for you.

Plug and Play

The Grillo Pulse comes preloaded with firmware that connects to the Grillo Cloud, providing low-latency streaming of unprocessed 3-axis accelerations. Simply install the sensor, connect to internet and get started.

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Pulse Specifications

Cloud-Connected Device

This smart device connects to your local network and sends all telemetry to the Grillo Cloud.

  • Input: 5 V-5.5 V @500 mA
  • LCD: 320 x 240 Color TFT LCD
  • Weight: 120g
  • Material: Plastic
  • Battery: 150mAh @ 3.7V
  • Speaker: 1W
  • Size: 54mm x 54mm x 17mmv
  • Wifi 2.4Ghz (does not work with 5Ghz networks)
  • Ethernet / Cellular connectivity available on request.

Please note that the battery is only for short interruptions in power. The Grillo IoT should be connected to a power source at all times.

Next-Gen Accelerometer

The accelerometer provides unusually low noise data for a MEMS accelerometer, allowing you to detect smaller vibrations at a fraction of the cost.

  • 3-Axis MEMS accelerometer
  • 20-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC)
  • Low noise density 25 μg/√Hz
  • Low 0 g offset drift
  • ±2g
  • 256,000 LSB/g sensitivity per axis
  • 1 – 999 Hz Frequency (Low-Pass)
  • 0.0096 – 10 Hz Frequency (High Pass)


Unlike other earthquake early-warnings, the Grillo IoT is smart. It knows where it is, and using its powerful dual-core processor, calculates how the earthquake will feel in its location. All in a few milliseconds.

 Next-Gen Accelerometer

Up to 100hz for each of 3 axis

Just Wi-Fi

Easy to connect with free Grillo App

Remote Updates

Can be sent new firmware when in the field using Grillo Cloud

Recent News

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Get in Touch

Get in touch and our seismologists and engineers can help you with your project, from monitoring a structure to creating a national EEW. We can offer custom solutions should you require APIs, additional storage, different datacenter locations, and more.

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