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  • Meet Grillo – Our earthquake early-warning alarm has returned. This device is small and can adapt perfectly to any space.
  • With screen – To provide earthquake alerts, additional information, and configuration.
  • Works in all Mexico – From Chiapas to Baja California.
  • Connects to Wifi to get the fastest alerts – Mobile apps can be slow because they rely on Push Notifications from cellular services. Grillo connects directly to our servers.
  • Designed to protect your privacy – Created with high standards to ensure the data sent to your device is protected.
  • IVA tax included.

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Meet Grillo

The new Grillo is now better. With a new design and funcionality, Grillo IoT is a personalized and intelligent device that recieves alerts in case of earthquakes. It is portable and perfect for any room. Just connect it to your wifi network and it will start receiving alerts when necessary. You can take it to any place, just change the wifi network and stay protected.

"Earthquake, Moderate Shaking"

The Grillo IoT is smart because it only alerts you when important and doesn’t create unnecessary panic. It’s the only device that uses audio-visual messages, that in the case of an earthquake will tell you how it will feel in your location.

Easy to install and setup



Connect your Grillo



Conect to the internet with the free Grillo+ app



Receive earthquake early-warnings

Conected to the best seismic sensor network

We spent 2 years building a seismic network in Mexico, with national coverage and the fastest alerts.

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Dimensions10 × 10 × 3 cm


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