Say ? to the next generation earthquake alert.

Grillo Alarm is the first smart and affordable early-earthquake warning alert for your home or work.  Join now our waitlist, and get access to our presales with an exclusive 25% discount!

A little device that could save your life.

More than five years of research and development were needed to create Grillo Alert. Designed and built to democratize reliable earthquake protection in Mexico, Grillo Alert is the first ever smart and affordable Earthquake alert for your home and your work.

Discover this little device that could potentially save your life.


The reliable Earthquake Alert you’ve been expecting

Forget inaccurate earthquake alarms that create unecessary panic: welcome in a world where Grillo Alert has your back. 

Know exactly how to react when a quake is coming

When a quake is coming, you don’t have time to lose your time. With Grillo Alert, you just need a glance to know what to expect, thanks our powerful speakers and smart color-code LED display.

Be protected anytime, anywhere. 

Each Grillo Alert integrates a miniaturized seismic sensor that’s part of our decentralized seismic sensors network. Moving out? Take your Grillo with you, it will adapt to your new location automatically and provide you the same level of protection than before!

5 years of R&D, 5 min to install. 

Plug your Alert, link it to your phone, set up the wifi connection and you’re good to go!

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How it works


An earthquake is detected by the Grillo sensor network.

Seismology Magic

Grillo’s algorithms determine if it’s an earthquake as quickly and accurately as possible. 

Grillo Alarm

Grillo receives the alert and tells you how strong it will feel in your exact location.


Where technology meets seismology

A new way to receive earthquakes alerts, reliable and intuitive. 
  • Smart LED display
    to tell you how strong the quake will be felt in your location

  • Very Loud
    Includes a 95 db speaker that will get your attention

  • Completely wireless
    Connects to your local Wifi that is faster than cellular

  • Stay connected
    Lithium battery backup available as an option

  • 5 min setup
    Plug your alert, connect it to your phone, access the WiFi and you’re good 

Product Information

What’s Included

  • Grillo Alarm Device

  • USB Cable + Wall Charger

  • Free Mobile App

Operating Conditions

  • Temperature: 0°C to 75°C

  • Humidity (Relative): 0% to 95%

  • Wireless Frequency: 2.4 GHz


  • Dimensions: 93.53mm x 93.53mm x 30mm

  • Weight: 92gr.

  • Power: USB with Optional Lithium Battery

  • Speaker: 3W 4Ω, approximately 95db

  • Color: White

  • Guarantee: 5 years

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Join the waitlist and get an exclusive 25% discount on our presales

The future of earthquake protection

Forget apps that are slow, noisy and don’t always work. Say goodbye to expensive devices that only companies can afford. It’s time for a new kind of earthquake alert.
the average recorded delay between the moment when Grillo Alerts triggers, and the quake hits.
the current amount of sensors we've deployed. We plan to achieve +200 by the end of the year.
the % of quakes in March 2019 that were first announced by Grillo vs traditional services
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How do I install Grillo?

It’s easy:

  1. Place on a flat surface such as a table, or fix on your wall
  2. Connect to a power socket with the included USB cable and adapter
  3. Download our free App for iOS or Google, and register your device
  4. The Grillo will make circular blue pattern with its LEDs to indicate it is working and ready

What happens when there is an earthquake?

You will only receive alerts for earthquakes you will feel. We do not disturb you if it is not significant.

The Grillo will make a loud sound and use the following colors:

  • GREEN means some light shaking will occur
  • YELLOW means some medium shaking will occur
  • RED means strong shaking will occur

In what countries do you ship?

We’re shipping in any place in Mexico and Chile, where we have existing sensor networks. If you live elsewhere, you may want to create your own network with a kit of 5 or more sensors – contact us!

How reliable is your earthquake detection?

Our algorithms are validated by top institutions and research centers (UNAM, Berkeley). We haven’t registered any false positives (ie. signals similar to earthquakes that aren’t actually earthquakes) in the last 2 years.

We have recently conducted an analysis on the detection speed of major Early Earthquakes Warning systems available on the market (private and public ones), and we’ve discovered that in 2018, on 25 earthquakes detected, we were the first ones to detect and announce it in 80% of the cases. We’re quite proud of that ?

I have an app on my phone! Why do I want this ?

Good question. Mobile apps are great (we have one too), but they have some problems:

  • Cellular networks can become congested. Local Wifi is more stable.
  • Apps use Push Notifications that sometimes arrive minutes after the event
  • You cannot put your phone in Do Not Disturb mode at night

What's the difference with SASMEX?

Grillo has a different alerting system to SASMEX:

  • SASMEX only covers a few cities in Mexico
  • SASMEX doesn’t tell you how you will feel the earthquake
  • SASMEX official radio device is expensive and doesn’t work in many locations indoors

This is awesome. But what do I do after an earthquake?

We have you covered! Our Grillo Pulse system monitors your building and tells you if its safe to enter again.

Learn more here.

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“A solution like Grillo has been the dream of the engineering community for a long time”

Thomas Heaton, Civil Engineer, Caltech, Science Magazine, February 2019
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