Buildings kill, not earthquakes.

Grillo Pulse constantly monitors building structures. Know how to respond after an earthquake, and keep your business operating.
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Custom building monitoring solutions for companies

The September 2017 earthquake in Mexico made the problem very clear for us: buildings kill, not earthquakes. We’ve repurposed our Earthquake Early-Warning sensors to solve this.

Our Grillo Pulse solution mixes the best of two worlds: seismology, and structural engineering. Thanks to our next-gen sensors, we analyze the oscillations of your building. Thanks to our algorithms, we determine the potential level of damages on your building structure, and let you know if it’s safe or not to go back within after a quake has occured. 

Fully customizable, adaptable to your needs, robust, reliable: discover how Grillo Pulse can improve your business resilience to earthquakes. 

Monitor the health of your building all year long

Thanks to Grillo’s next-gen sensors and expert dashboard, monitor all year long the health of your building and see the impact of quakes and nearby vibrations on its structure. 

Know how your building was affected after a quake hits

A quake just occured? We let you know in real time the impact on your building structure, and tell you if it’s safe or not to go back inside. 

Guarantee the security of your employees & colleagues

Understand easily the level of risk of collapsing after a quake has happened, and automatically launch emergency procedures to protect your employees and your business assets.  

Make data-driven decisions

Get a clear understanding of the level of risk, and know exactly how to react when something occurs. 

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Know your building’s heartbeat

  • Vibrations

  • Period of Building

  • Seismic Intensity

  • Inter-Storey Drift

  • Torsion


Where engineering meets seismology

Grillo Pulse is the first taylor-made building monitoring system especially designed to protect you and your business from earthquakes consequences – as soon as a quake happens.
  • Sensors Network
    Get your own customized sensors network to understand the impact of seismic activity on your building.

  • 24/7 Monitoring
    We use next-gen algorithms to measure in real time the oscillation and if it has suffered potential damages.

  • Full protection
    Combine Grillo Pulse with Grillo Alert to be receive EEW alerts and start emergency procedures. 

  • Auto off/on
    Connect Grillo Pulse to your systems to automatically pause or relaunch them after a quake.

  • Smart display
    Receive notifications on your favorite device right after the quake to know if it’s safe to go back inside.

  • Damage analysis
    Get an real-time analysis of the damages you could expect after a quake occured. 

Start today to protect your |
Grillo Pulse is the only solution you need to protect your employees, your colleagues and your building from earthquakes consequences. Discover how!
  • Physical Alert Device

  • Installation of your own sensors

  • Communication kits for teams 

  • Auto off/on on critical systems

  • Post-quake damages analysis

  • 24/7 Support

  • 10% of the cost of traditional BMS

  • 1 day installation

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  • Physical Alert Device

  • Installation of your own sensors

  • Communication kits for teams 

  • Auto off/on critical systems

  • Post-quakes damages analysis 

  • 24/7 Support

  • ????

  • Several weeks to install

User stories

Discover what our clients say about our products!


Will Grillo Pulse work on my building?

Pulse works best if …

How do you proceed to install Grillo Pulse?

We install sensors in the most critical points of your building. Using WiFi and their local network, they measure in real time the oscillation of the building, as well as the seismic activity in your exact location. If the measurements are higher than a certain level, our algorithms predict that the strucure of your building is quite certainly damaged. 

How much does it cost?

Grillo Pulse is by essence a customizable system. We need to adjust it to your building type and structure to get the most perfect data. As such, the final price will be the result of several factors: the number of floors, of square meters, of sensors needed to perform a good analysis, and the way you want to receive notifications (on your device? On a physical device on the front of the building itself so everyone know if it’s safe or not to go back?). Tell us what you need, and we’ll send you a custom quote 🙂

Where can you install Grillo Pulse?

For the moment, we’re only equipping businesses within the Mexico area. 

How can you tell if my building is damaged?

The sensors we install in your building will measure several key parameters, such as oscillation and seismic activity. We’ve worked on predictive models with structural engineers to be able to infer the potential level of damages seismic activity can have on your building structures. 

“Grillo Pulse is a very precise solution, which allows us to measure in real-time the behavior and the resilience of Basurto’s structure, and gives us as well a historic perspective on how the building has reacted to specific events.”

Paloma Vera
Lead Architect, Basurto Building @ CDMX

“A solution like Grillo has been the dream of the engineering community for a long time”

Thomas Heaton, Civil Engineer, Caltech, Science Magazine, February 2019
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