The first full-stack early earthquake warning system (EEW).

Grillo has created a new EEW from the ground up using the latest IoT and Big Data technologies to process vast real-time streams of ground motion data. Grillo’s team of seismologists and mathematicians are constantly creating and refining trigger algorithms, with lots of help from machine learning.

Grillo EEW

Grillo sensors

Grillo has developed new IoT sensors that can detect earthquakes up to 400km away.

Big Data processing

The Grillo Cloud ingests sensor data and performs parallel computations in real-time to determine if an earthquake is happening.

Fast Alerts

Alerts are sent to people that are in the path of the earthquake up to 2 minutes in advance.

Grillo’s proprietary sensors feature ultra-sensitive accelerometers with secure and continuous telemetry to the cloud, ensuring no loss of seismic data transmission. The low-cost of the device allows for very dense networks with in-built redundancy.

World-class seismology

Grillo’s team are not only pioneering early-earthquake detection and alerts, but the same tools are also being used for real-time seismology information. This allows quick shakemaps and other important seismic information to be published moments after an earthquake has been detected.

Christmas Day 2017 EQ, Acapulco Mexico, as captured by Grillo network.