our mission

Increasing Earthquake Resilience​

Earthquakes affect almost 1/3 of the world’s population and are more destructive than all other natural disasters combined.

Grillo is a social enterprise helping people living in vulnerable areas by providing early-warnings and sharing technology and data.

What We Do

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Grillo has founded OpenEEW in partnership with IBM and the Linux Foundation to allow communities to build their own earthquake early-warning system. Anyone can deploy or contribute to this open source toolset, which includes the core components from the Grillo EEW.

1 November 2015


Grillo enters USAID Development Innovation Ventures and develops its core technologies.

Data on AWS

Over 1TB of data from Grillo’s EEW is open sourced and shared on the AWS Open Data program.

2 July, 2019
11 March, 2020

Call for Code

Grillo joins IBM’s Call for Code program that allows open sourcing of its key technologies.

Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation hosts the OpenEEW project, promoting it globally

15 August, 2020
25 May, 2021

Clinton Global Initiative

Creating partnerships to deploy an open source EEW in Puerto Rico.

Do you wish to Contribute?

Case Study: Mexico

Following the devastating 2017 earthquakes in Mexico, USAID and Roddenberry Foundation supported Grillo in the creation of a new Mexican earthquake early-warning system with 50 sensors.

The system has to date provided over 1000 alerts and is being used by 12,000+ users via phone app, home device and school loudspeakers.​

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