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Our Building Monitoring Solution is now available for West Coast USA !

Protecting Historic Buildings

Structural Health Monitoring until now has been out of reach for anyone other than large corporations due primarily to cost of sensors.

Grillo has pioneered the use of next-generation MEMs accelerometers for the use of monitoring small structural vibrations. Our expertise in early-warning systems allows us to rapidly analyze then store this information and send alerts it the building structure has suffered a probability of damaged.

We provide an end-to-end solution that includes the sensors, cloud dashboard with historic analysis and real-time alerts. To save cost to the user, we can also use standard models for typical structure types (concrete, timber, steel framing) rather than tailoring each solution to building plans. This significantly reduces the time we can have a system up and running.


Read an article in Science Magazine discussing our innovation.

March 12, 2019
How does it Work?

The sensors are located in key structural elements and constantly send information to a central unit that analyzes the vibrations. The data is simultaneously sent to the cloud so that it can be stored and visualized in the dashboard.

Installing in a large historic structure in 2 days

In March 2019 we were asked to install 16 sensors in the historic Basurto building of Mexico City. This building suffered damages in the Mexico 2017 earthquake, and our system allows the engineers to know if their restructuring work results in a stiffening of structure.

Once complete, our system will act as a warning system that prevents inhabitants from returning inside after strong shaking, if the system has detected inter-storey drift outside of the programmed parameters.

Protect your Building