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Proposing an Earthquake Early-Warning system for Puerto Rico

The Clinton Global Initiative announces a new initiative by Grillo, in partnership with IBM, the Resiliency and Business Innovation Program of the Puerto Rico Science, Research & Technology Trust, and the Puerto Rico Seismic Network, committed to expanding their earthquake sensor technology to Puerto Rico.

The Caribbean is a highly seismic region due to its location at the convergence zone between major tectonic plates and communities across the region are frequently impacted by seismic events. In January 2020, southern Puerto Rico was impacted by a series of earthquakes over several weeks that damaged homes and infrastructure and caused displacement.

To improve earthquake monitoring on the island, Grillo and its partners will deploy 90 sensors in Puerto Rico which will be hosted by local businesses and supported by local scientists through the Seismic Network. Using the open data from this initiative, the partners intend to use this expansion to build the foundation for an Earthquake Early Warning system for the Caribbean region.

“Earthquake early warning (EEW) systems have a crucial role in helping to protect our communities so we welcome Grillo’s global expansion with its OpenEEW-based platform through today’s Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action,” said IBM’s Daniel Krook, Chief Technology Officer, Call for Code. “The open source community is helping advance low-cost EEW technology and we are pleased to work with these partners to test it on the ground in Puerto Rico through a Call for Code deployment model.”

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