How it works

Grillo’s earthquake early-warnings are generated by a combination of technologies; sensors, detection systems, alarms. These technologies can also be used to generate seismic risk data.

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Next generation seismic sensors

Grillo sensors are perfect for seismic imaging, structural health monitoring, and other vibration monitoring applications.

These have powered Grillo’s Mexico EEW since 2017 and proven as effective as laboratory grade sensors costing up to 100x more.

Cloud-based detection

The Grillo sensors connects to Grillo Cloud where you can download data, monitor sensor status, locations and more.

With the EEW cloud plan you can even visualize a real-time stream.

Grillo’s detection system has outperformed national systems that took decades to build.

Multi-channel alerts

Earthquake alerts are sent to Grillo devices and apps. The alerts can also be sent to 3rd party device with an integration.

Alarm devices


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# Specify start and end dates in UTC
start_date_utc = '2018-02-16 23:39:00'
end_date_utc = '2018-02-16 23:43:00'

# Get records for the specified dates
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Analyze historic or streaming data

Download your data from the dashboard, browser, or with our python library.

Grillo sensors have been deployed in

“This earthquake alarm can predict when tremors will strike”

“A solution like Grillo has been the dream of the engineering community”

“Grillo could save thousands of lives”

“Grillo’s sensors collect microdata on effects of shaking which could better assess risk of damage”