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Our Building Monitoring Solution is now available for West Coast USA !
Earthquake Alerts & Building Monitoring for Everyone

Grillo helps reduce the anxiety of living with earthquakes. We can protect you before and after earthquakes.

Improve Human
Resilience to Earthquakes

Effective earthquake protection should not only be for a handful of governments. We want to improve human resilience to earthquakes by creating smart alerts that tell you what to do before and after earthquakes.


People live with threat of earthquakes globally


People die globally because of earthquakes each year


Estimated economic impact of 2017 Mexico earthquakes


Buildings destroyed / severely damaged after Mexico 2017 earthquakes

Solutions for
Grillo’s expertise allows you, your business or your government to operate without fear of earthquakes.

#01 Homes

Living in a seismic country is stressful. You never know if you will be woken up with strong shaking that could be devastating to you and your family. Grillo has developed an alarm for your home or work that will let you know an earthquake is on its way.

Our alarm uniquely tells you how strong the shaking will feel when it gets to you. The dedicated device is always on and uses bright LEDs and loud sounds to alert you.

#02 Schools

Schools and community buildings are often the most vulnerable structures to collapse due to their large roof spans. Grillo’s community alarm devices ensures that students and teachers can feel safe throughout the day.

We use different connectivity options to ensure each school gets the fastest and most reliable alerts. This includes wifi, ethernet and mesh for urban schools, and cellular for rural.

#03 Enterprise

Productivity is affected by earthquakes in seismic countries due to business interruption, and also employee anxiety. Grillo ensure that the workplace is a sanctuary from anxiety by telling workers when an earthquake is coming, and if it’s safe to return after.

We offer dedicated alarms that connect to your office internet, as well as sensors that let you know if the building is damaged after an earthquake.

#04 Insurers

Insurance companies need to price risk in seismic countries using the best available data. Grillo provides live data from its sensor networks with a granularity not usually available elsewhere.

#05 Government

Grillo’s sensor networks can help governments and NGOs rapidly understand where to deploy resources after earthquakes, as well as assess vulnerability for structural resiliency programs.

Grillo can deploy sensor networks in weeks and offer cloud-based data access to agencies that rely on the information. By leveraging proprietary hardware and software technologies, this is done for less than 1% of the typical governmental cost.

#06 Research

After years of collecting valuable sensor data from highly seismic areas in Mexico and Chile, Grillo has teamed up with AWS OpenData and is now offering it for free so that researchers can help create the next generation of detection systems.

Grillo is offering over 600GB of unprocessed triaxial accelerometer data that anyone can use, and a python library so they can get started right away.

Early-Earthquake Warnings

EEWs can save millions of lives. Grillo has been operating a proprietary EEW in 2 countries for 2 years with great success.

Smart Building Monitoring

Grillo's unique sensors are located in many buildings and let the owners know when damage has been detected due to excessive shaking.

Grillo Seismic Data

We offer our valuable seismic data for free to developers and scientists. We also offer to deploy data-generating networks on request.
A Unique Team
with a Mission


We have brought together a star team of seismologists, mathematicians, architects, engineers, developers and business people. To solve a difficult challenge you need exceptional people.

Proven Science
and Technology

We have been operating since 2017 in Mexico and Chile and are now expanding to more countries. Our patent-pending technology has detected many hundreds of earthquakes with zero false positives.


We are neither a non-profit seeking charity, or a company chasing profit. As a social enterprise we create solutions that are demanded by the market whilst also delivering high impact.

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Meet Our Team

Grillo knows that solving earthquake impact means having the best minds. Our people come from a variety of fields including computer science, seismology, electronics and business.